The investment portfolio that doesn’t require constant monitoring and gives you monthly income streams SAFELY & PROFITABLY
The investment portfolio that doesn’t require constant monitoring and gives you monthly income streams SAFELY & PROFITABLY
Learn How To Generate Consistent Passive Income, even without prior investing experience! 

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This is an onsite event at our office in Shenton house. 

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  • ​Value Investing Simplified Book - Worth $33 
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What You Will Takeaway From This Masterclass

  • Learn how to cherry-pick profitable investments by identifying undervalued stocks that you know will be profitable. Once you gain this priceless ability to spot highly lucrative cash cows, you will be able create multiple streams of income that will pay BIG dividends for years to come. 
  • Discover a potent stock investment technique known as Cash Flow Options Strategies or (CFOS). This proven strategy used by Warren Buffett will allow any investors to profit short term on a weekly basis, 52 times per year, for the rest of your life.. 
  • Know the REAL Difference between Investing and Speculation. Most people lose money in the stock market because they speculate...believing that they are investing. Just look at the richest people in the world like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos. Do they look like investors or speculators to you? You will learn how how to invest wisely versus gambling.
  • Find out the 3 devastating mindset beliefs that has stopped investors from multiplying their wealth. Once these beliefs are broken, you will be grounded in a powerful investment mindset that will only serve to help you make smart investment decisions. 

Time-Tested Stock Investment Strategy

Value investing was developed in the 1920s at Columbia Business School by finance professors Benjamin Graham and David Dodd and has been vigorously practised by generations of investors who studied with Graham or his successor, Roger F. Murray.  
That’s over 90 years of proving that value investing works!

It Pays To Be Passive

You can generate enough passive income to pay for all your expenses using ONLY 15 minutes per month. A passive investment portfolio that doesn’t require constant monitoring and gives you monthly income streams does sound enticing to most of us with busy lifestyles, doesn’t it?

Consistent Returns of Up To 20% Per Year

And that's a modest figure. In fact, many of our students are generating returns of up to 30% per year, even without prior investment knowledge. That’s 60 times higher returns than average if you were to put the same amount of money in a savings account giving you only 0.5%!

Who Is This For?
You have ZERO

But you are looking to grow your money and achieve financial freedom that will allow you to provide the higher quality life that your family and loved ones truly deserve.
You Are A New Investor...

Learning how to invest and would like to find ways on how to create a consistent monthly side income and be on your way to financial freedom.

You Are A Current Investor...

Who like to find out more on how the Value Investing Strategy can further optimize your existing investment portfolio and increase your profits.

You Are A Seasoned Investor...

Looking for a different perspective and strategy on Value Investing and to further sharpen your knowledge of how to pick highly valued stocks that will generate high ROI.
Hi, I'm Cayden Chang and I'm the Founder of Value Investing Academy (VIA) & Investor Educator Of Securities Investors Association of Singapore (SIAS)
Perhaps you recognise me from my appearances on "AM Live!" and "Money Mind" on Channel Newsasia, heard me on the radio or read about me in the newspaper or media publication.
But few people know I had a really rough beginning.
When I was just starting out 20 years ago, I graduated from NUS and landed a decent job like most of my peers. I was working hard to save money for my upcoming wedding, but I felt like the money wasn't coming in fast enough.

It was at this time I began to invest in stocks to make quick profits. I was a total beginner and chose to buy stocks based on what my friends were investing in or what seemed like the hottest stocks at the time.

Things were ok in the beginning, the stocks I invested in began to show some promise, even making some money…
But it didn't last. The quick profits soon became quick losses. And the more I lost, the more I poured into the market—in hopes of hitting a jackpot.

I was practically gambling my money away. The final stroke came during the crash in 2001 which resulted in me losing $50,000 just weeks before my wedding.

All my savings were gone in a split second. I couldn't give my wife the grand wedding she wanted. What's worse is I had to take a $50,000 loan from her to pay for our wedding expenses and could only hold our dinner banquet at Dragon Gate restaurant—instead of a five star hotel we initially planned.

Determined to pay her back, I started working two jobs. But even so, my income was not enough to pay back my wife, and earn back what I had initially lost.

What followed were years of hard work and self reflection to get back on my feet.

I realised how naive I was - thinking that if future stock prices could be determined by historical movement, wouldn't computer programmers become billionaires just by writing codes to predict prices?

At the same time, I learned that halfway across the globe, someone became one of the richest person in the world simply by investing. He did so using a systematic way. I thought to myself "If he can do it, so can I. How hard can it be?"

That's right. As you would have known by now, the strategy is Value Investing — and its biggest proponent, Warren Buffett.

I became obsessed with studying his methods. I read all about this investment strategy and took investing courses from overseas to understand the subject. But still, I felt it wasn't enough.

That's when I decided to fly to United States to learn directly from the only 2 professors in the world who were teaching Value Investing.
With two of my mentors, Professor George Atthanassakos from the Ben Graham Centre For Value Investing, and Professor Bruce Greenwald from Columbia University of New York

My learning didn’t stop there. Years after coming back from the States, I continued to compile the insights I learned and tested the methods rigorously…until I am able to develop my own unique tools that enable anyone to
  • Build a winning investment portfolio in less than 7 days
  • Screen high value stock out of thousands within 2 minutes
  • Know the exact time to enter and exit the market using a specially designed calculator
It was so effective that I’m proud to say that I went from net loss when the dot-com bubble burst in 2001 to a current 7-figure portfolio. Armed with this knowledge and real results to prove that the system works, I have taught over 3,000 people across 5 countries from all walks of life to create multiple streams of income and grow their investment portfolio. Many of them achieved financial independence simply by applying the same principles and strategy that I used to gain wealth.
But Don't Take My Word For It, Hear From Students I've Helped

"Even a young person like myself can apply the concepts..."

Nadhitha, Poly Student

" This class is so easy to understand that even a young person like myself can apply the concepts. In fact, I've generated pretty good returns so far, the highest being 6.7% within a month! "

"Now I can make an investing decision in just 15 minutes!"

Stephanie Chu, Project Manager

"I've been trading for 10 years, but I had no idea I was doing. By coming here, I now have a methodology for the investments I want to buy. I can make an investing decision in just 15 minutes! That's a huge time-saver and a fantastic way to make money"

"The monthly gatherings & support system is impressive!"

Livia Goh, HR Executive

"Cayden helps us understand the stock market more and teaches us to be rational in choosing our stocks and back it up with financial numbers. His course also gives us the tools to select good businesses. Even after the course, the monthly gatherings and support system is impressive!"
What Makes Value Investing Academy Different? 

No pie-in-the-sky promises but practical applications to create consistent streams of passive income

A relentless obsession with proper risk management to grow your wealth with greater certainty

An on-site community of trainers and support system, all devoted to helping you succeed.
From setting up your investment account to the monthly stock tips session, we are here to guide you all the way!
In case you scroll all the way to here. Here's what we are giving you when you...
Reserve For A Seat Today & Receive The Following Items When You Attend!
Our "Value Investing Simplified" Book worth $33. 
$10 Starbucks Gift Card For Each Friend You Bring Respectively!
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take for me to achieve financial independence?
There is no universal answer to this. But the earlier you start, the shorter it takes to reach your financial goals. And of course, the amount of capital you have and mechanism used to generate returns play a part in how fast you become financially independent.
I'm worried I don't have enough money to get started with investing
Truth is you can start investing with just a few hundred dollars or lesser. In Singapore Exchange (SGX), an investor can invest in quantum of one lot which is 100 shares. If a share costs $1, your capital will be $100. In New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), you can buy a minimum of just 1 share. If one stock cost US$40, that is cheaper than a full course meal in a restaurant!
How fast will I see my first return?
Cash Flow Options Strategy is one of the techniques we use to generate shorter term returns. Once you master the technique, chances are you will start seeing returns immediately. 
Can I become a millionaire by investing?
Inspite of what you heard from financial experts about the power of value investing, it is not a get-rich-quick method. While possible, not everyone becomes a millionaire. It takes time and discipline. In the free masterclass, I share 4 factors for reaching the level of financial status most people can only dream about.
Will I be able to understand the masterclass and apply the techniques?
Having mentored over thousands of people across 5 different countries, we have come up with a step-by-step process that caters to every learning style, from young to old. This means that even a complete beginner with zero investment knowledge will be able to follow and start investing like a seasoned investor in no time.
Many of our students who started as complete beginners, have progressed to investing like seasoned pros in a short amount of time…just by following the steps laid out in the program.
Why do I have to learn value investing? My stock broker/insurance agent/financial consultant will do it for me.
Most financial advisors are rewarded based on sales performance instead of how much their client are making from the investments. If you’re lucky, you will meet a financial advisor who truly understands investing and can help you. There are a handful of them who are graduates of our class and are serious about financial education. If you don’t want to take the chance, you can equip yourself with the most important piece of knowledge you need in life and take back control of your financial destiny.
Will there be any hard selling during the masterclass?
You can be assured that there will be no hard-selling involved. We want to make sure our programme adds value to you first. If you find the class unsatisfactory, there is no need to commit to it. Not only do you risk nothing, but also you are guaranteed to go home with a better understanding of value investing.
“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”
- Warren Buffett
You can stick to your status quo, but why? Every day you put investing off, you are leaving money on the table. Lose $50k and 10 years of your life on trying to figure this out OR learn from my mistake and shortcut your learning journey now.
Simply fill in the form below. Limited seats are available, be sure to act fast. 
DISCLAIMER • The information provided by Mind Kinesis Investments Pte Ltd is meant for educational purposes, and at no instance to be regarded as investment advice. You are advised to practise due diligence before making any financial decisions. • We are not liable for any losses incurred from your investment activities. • All forms of investments carry risks. Such activities may not be suitable for everyone. • Past investment performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance, even if the same strategies are adopted.
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